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Look as Young as You Feel Inside


Do you want to look and feel younger without facelifts or other invasive procedures? Fractora Skin Life is the perfect option for you. This non-invasive skin treatment rejuvenates your skin and gives you increased satisfaction with your appearance. People around you will begin to perceive you as younger, healthier, more attractive, and more successful.

Does your skin texture not allow your favorite skincare or makeup products absorb or blend well?
Does your dry skin or peach fuzz (short, light facial hair) make you feel insecure?

If you want a non-invasive skin treatment that gives you an almost-instant baby smooth skin without recovery period or any side effect, then Dermaplaning may be just right for you.

Want to Improve Your Overall Skin Tone and Texture? Here’s Extra, Faster Help! You probably already have several products you incorporate into your skincare routine to get that flawless skin every woman dreams of. But, sometimes, it takes something extra and powerful to rejuvenate your skin and give it that smoothness and glow, faster than any product can. Microdermabrasion is that extra help your skin needs!

Smooth Skin Boosts Self-Confidence
Make Your Skin Smooth, Youthful and Radiant, So You
Steal Attention Wherever You Go – or For that Perfect Social Media Post
A Clear, Bright Complexion Gives You Enviable Skin
Remove Deep Scars From Acne
Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles to Make You Look and Feel Younger
Treatment of Sun Damage, Dry Skin and Scarring Add Glow to Your Dull Skin
Little to No Downtime Means You Resume Your Daily Activities Right Away
Reduce Dark Spots and Rock Your Skin Without Makeup
Even Out Your Skin Tone For Radient Complexion


Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a special abrasive diamond-surfaced applicator to gently “sand away” the thick outer layer of your skin to rejuvenate it.
– Smooth Your Skin Tone and Texture with Deep Exfoliation
– Reduce Breakouts – and Experience a Clean, Fresh Feeling
– Treat Premature Aging – Sun Exposure, Dry Skin and Wrinkle


Dermaplaning, also called microplaning or blading, is a skin treatment where your esthetician exfoliates your skin by using a scalpel to scrape dead skin cells and hair off your face.
– Repair Sun-Damaged Skin to Give You Even Skintone
– Remove Fine Wrinkles to Make You Look Younger
– Prevent Blemishes by Removing What Traps Dirt and Oil


Fractora skin treatment works by emitting radio frequency deep into your skin to improve collagen and elastin production.
– Reduce Wrinkles and Even Out Your Skin Tone
– Reduce Crepe Skin as Your Skin Tightens and Becomes More Youthful
– Reduce Scars from Injury, Acne or Surgery Anywhere on Your Body

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