Diabetic Rejuvenation with inSolutions: Getting Back to a More Normal You

We at Abilene Total Wellness MedSpa & Clinic are pleased to announce our new Diabetic Therapy partnering with inSolutions! This therapy goes beyond other diabetic therapy treatments as it does not suppress symptoms but rather can stabilize and even reverse diabetes and other metabolic disorders! How is this possible? Let’s dive into it:

How does it work?

The multi-patented inSolutions system puts insulin in your body in the form of a hormone instead of as a drug. Why is this significant? Because hormones can more efficiently act in your body than it can in drug form, especially in the case of insulin. By having increased amounts of insulin in your body, its hormone form can get past the insulin resistance your body builds up due to diabetes, obesity, or other metabolic disorders that make insulin in its drug form ineffective or only work for short periods of time. The administration of insulin hormones will help you break down glucose better and for longer as well as lead to an overall increase in your cells’ energy, thus helping your cells to grow, repair, and be rejuvenated more quickly and normally, which means your body heals faster overall!

Does it really work?

Yes! According to studies using the inSolutions therapy, those using the therapy have experienced lessened neuropathy (nerve damage), some healing from chronic kidney disease, being able to reduce or completely eliminate taking some medicines for their metabolic condition, having wounds heal faster, and having better overall energy and quality of life.

Is it covered by my insurance?

Yes, it is covered by most insurances. However, always check with your insurance plan if you are covered before beginning treatments.

How can I get started?

The best way to get started is to reach out to us as Abilene Total Wellness Medical Spa to set up your consultation appointment! Some ways you can reach out to us are:

Visit us: 5250 US -277 Abilene, Tx. 79605

Call us: (325) 400-3307


Go online to: www.abilenetotalwellness.com