Fillers in Abilene

Turn Back the Clock for Your Skin!

Used by more than 1 million men and women every year, fillers are an inexpensive way to turn back the clock with no surgery and no downtime!

Magic: Without the Surgery!

  • Want to enhance your skin so you appear youthful, but don’t want invasive procedures, surgeries, or facelifts? Fillers are your simple solution! 
  • Using a soft tissue injected into the skin at different levels to best solve the facial concern, injectable filler helps to smooth away facial wrinkles, increase facial volume, and overall smooth out facial features to give you a more youthful appearance!
  • At Abilene Total Wellness MedSpa, our dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid (HA) which is an acid that is found naturally in the skin that helps hold in water, this is the key to keeping our skin hydrated and looking young and plump!
  • We always work with you to make sure you get the injectable treatment that’s the perfect fit for your skin desires and needs! 
  • “What can I expect from your filler treatment?” Well, it will be:
    • Safe and non-invasive 
    • A clean, sterile, quick, and simple process
    • A treatment with near immediate results
  • Through the use of our very best, FDA-approved filler products, our fillers will help to: 
    • Fill-in facial wrinkles 
    • Decrease nose and mouth folds 
    • Correct lip imperfections 
    • Decrease “marionette lines” around the mouth’s edges 
    • Reduce temple wrinkles

Our Filler Treatments Include


A filler that can be used anywhere on your face with the best bang for your buck! Utilizing a unique HA filler that causes up to 24% less bruising, this product increases the likelihood of more long-term results!

Juvederm Voluma

Designed to make cheeks look plumpier and make the face more sculpted and lifted in appearance, Juvederm Voluma contains lidocaine which helps make the injection process a less painful experience. Because this filler is injected into the skin at a slightly deeper level, the result is a natural look that lasts up to 12-18 months!

Juvederm Ultra

Juvederm Ultra XC (Fine lines and lips)

  • Can be best used to fill-in light to severe facial wrinkles, fine lines, lines around the nose and mouth, and to plump-up lips by adding volume.

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC (Moderate to sever lines and creases)

  • For areas with deeper lines, Juvederm Ultra Plus is the way to go! A filler with a thicker consistency, it more effectively treats and fills-in more stubborn areas.

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