Female Rejuvenation in Abilene

Reclaim What You’ve Been Missing!

What is feminine rejuvenation? Votiva, it is a safe way to increase blood flow, sensitivity, and elasticity to the vaginal muscles that does not use an invasive procedure and leaves you feeling and looking renewed!

What does it actually do?

  • Votiva safely treats both internal and external vaginal concerns without the need for surgery!
  • Votiva not only helps with lowered sexual interest or improving your look and feel, but it can help with so much more! 
  • Helps with Stress Incontinence. This happens after we have children and as we age.

Our Female Rejuvenation Treatment


How Votiva works is that it uses radiofrequency (RF) to kick-start the process of remodeling and rebuilding new, healthy vaginal tissue using a small and minimally invasive wand to apply heat to the area of concern. It is a quick, painless, and effective treatment with no downtime that can help with:

  • Reducing post-menopause symptoms
  • Reducing vaginal dryness
  • Reducing urinary incontinence, as approved by the FDA
  • Improving intercourse sensation
  • Reducing painful intercourse
  • Improving vaginal canal tone
  • Improving appearance of labial and vulvovaginal areas
  • Increasing libido

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