Body Contouring in Abilene

Have the Body You Have Always Wanted!

Weight loss plans being foiled by stubborn fat? Unwanted body fat that just won’t go away? What if there was a way to get stubborn fat to leave, have the body shape of your dreams, and do it all without painful medical procedures?

There is! And it is called truSculpt iD!

Why truSculpt iD?

  • Removes stubborn fat
  • Enhance your body’s shape and overall physical appearance
  • Achieve your dream figure
  • No downtime
  • Can have up to 24% fat reduction; it is one of the most effective body shaping treatments out there!
  • Experience minimum to no discomfort – all the gain with none of the pain!
  • Those fat cells are destroyed and don’t come back!
  • Completely customizable process by you and your esthetician to give you the specific results you want!
  • Cheaper than the competition!
  • Get rid of fat anywhere!
  • Can be combined with other beauty treatments, like facials and chemical peels!

It’s radio frequency helps rebuild healthy tissue!

Experience the TruSculpt iD Difference

TruSculpt iD

Utilizing non-surgical radio frequency (RF) technology, TruSculptiD non-surgically creates heat which eliminates body fat.

Approved by the FDA, it will:

  • Transform body to the shape you’ve always wanted
  • Tighten skin to increase youthful appearance

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