Back-to-School Special: Get Ready to Rock the Halls

With school ramping up, it’s time to treat yourself to some self-care because we all know how stressful the first few months is! Moving to a new city means finding a new brow, lash, hair, skin care, and nail crew! 

We can help with the Skin and Waxing Services! 

For waxing, we offer face, body, bikini, and Brazilian! We can shape your eyebrows too! When you come in, just let your technician know what you need and she will be happy to assist you from there. Our consults are ALWAYS free. 


Dermaplaning, also called microplaning or blading, is a skin treatment where your esthetician exfoliates your skin by using a medical grade scalpel to remove the dead skin cells and fine hairs on your face! Makeup lays smoother and pores get a good cleaning too!

Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a special abrasive diamond-surfaced applicator to gently exfoliate the thick outer layer of your skin to rejuvenate it.  This treatment  smoothes skin texture with deep exfoliation, which can also reduce breakouts!

We want you to feel as beautiful as you already are! 

You Deserve it.