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No Pain, Plenty Gain: Heat Off Stubborn Fat for the Perfect Shape!


Are you bothered by unwanted fat in specific areas of your body? Are your weight-loss efforts being undermined by stubborn pockets of fat around your body? Would you like to not just lose weight but also have that perfect shape you so much desire, without liposuction or other harsh and invasive procedures? Then truSculpt iD is the perfect procedure for you.

truSculpt iD is an FDA-approved non-surgical radio frequency (RF) technology that uses heat to reduce fat cells, tone your body and tighten your skin. It is ideal for non surgical body contouring.

Why truSculpt iD?

• Removes Stubborn Fat In Areas Weight Loss Doesn’t Help, So You’re Literally Sculpted Into Your Dream Figure.
• Improves Your Overall Appearance; You’ll Look And Feel More Attractive And Sexier Than You’ve Ever Been.
• Boosts Your Self-Esteem – Something That Naturally Comes From All The Compliments And Attention You’ll Start Getting.
• No Recovery Or Downtime Needed, So You’re Good To Go On With Normal Life Immediately After Your Session.
• truSculpt iD is So Easy and Convenient; Imagine Having The Procedure During Your Lunch Break And You’re Back To Work Afterwards!
• You Can Experience Up To 24% Fat Reduction In Areas Treated – This Is The Most Effective, Yet Fastest Non-Invasive Weight Loss Procedure You Can Find!
• You’ll Experience Little Or No Discomfort – One Of The Very Few Things In Life That Gives You Plenty Gain From No Pain!
• Fat Loss Is Permanent – The Fat Cells That Are Obliterated Can’t Grow Back; You Naturally Pass Them Out Of Your Body For Good.
• You’ll Achieve Personalized Results, As Your Procedure Will Be Customized For The Body Goals after body sculpting procedures You Discuss With Your Esthetician Beforehand.
• truSculpt iD Is Less Expensive Than Other Alternatives
• It Can Be Used Anywhere On The Body, So You Can Easily Target Problem Areas That Just Wouldn’t Lose Fat.
• You Can Get Other Treatments (Facials, Peels, Etc) Simultaneously, As truSculpt iD Is Non-Invasive And Doesn’t Cause Any Pinching Or Divots.
• truSculpt iD’s Radio Frequency Reduces Cellulites; It Generally Fuels The Building Of Healthy Tissues.

If you would like to literally sculpt your body into your dream shape without any risks, pain or downtime,

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