Acne Scar Removal Services

Are you troubled by the appearance of scars on your face or body?

If so, scar reduction can help you feel better about the look and feel of your skin and is one of many services available from the licensed medical estheticians and esthetic team at Abilene Total Wellness Medical Spa in Abilene, Texas. You have options when it comes to scar reduction, and the best way to learn more about those options is during a face-to-face consultation. Book your visit online or over the phone today.

Your skin is your largest organ and exists as one smooth, seamless expanse that covers you from head to toe. When your skin sustains damage, your healing response works to quickly conduct repairs.

This is an impressive process to fix acne scars, but it is not without limitations. As your body creates new collagen fibers to mend damaged skin, the resulting tissue has a different look and feel as compared to the surrounding skin.

Scarring occurs after virtually every injury to the skin, except for those that are so minor they don’t reach beyond the outermost layer of skin. You can have acne marks or scarring after an accident, surgery, disease, or a skin condition like acne. Even stretch marks are a form of scarring and occur when your skin is stretched beyond its limits.

Some of the most effective scar-reduction treatments at Abilene Total Wellness Medical Spa use light and heat to deliver safe and effective results. These treatments are a great option for larger or more visible scarring that might not respond to less advanced treatments.

Laser Genesis is a laser treatment that creates heat in the deeper layers of your skin. That heat prompts your body to create new collagen cells, which serve to smooth and tighten your skin, improving the appearance of scarring.

FractoraⓇ treatments offer skin resurfacing using radiofrequency energy. This energy coagulates the deeper layers of your skin, creating an immediate tightening effect. Treatments also promote new collagen production, which further reduces the appearance of scarring over time.

The best way to determine which scar-reduction treatment is right for you is to book a personalized consultation at Abilene Total Wellness Medical Spa. Your provider will assess your skin and explain the pros and cons of each option, giving you everything you need to make an informed decision about your care.

Book an appointment online with Abilene Total Wellness Medical Spa or call today to get started.

At Abilene Total Wellness Medical Spa, your provider works with you to establish the exact look you want to achieve. You talk about color, shape, thickness, framing on your face, and overall appearance.

Once your look is determined, your provider numbs the area with a topical anesthetic cream. About 45 minutes later, your microblading specialist begins the semi-permanent tattooing process, drawing tiny hairs in your eyebrow area, one by one.

After your procedure, your eyebrows are cleaned and protected with a special ointment.

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